Cristal Snow: ‘Venom’

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cristalsnowvenom2This week, Finnish pop star Cristal Snow (more on him from the early days of here) put out a video for new single ‘Venom’. However it’s a song from a two year old album. AND he’s been quiet on the music front for all of those two year also. So what exactly gives? Well, it’s quite interesting actually. Let us explain to you.

The video begins with a spoken word intro: “in order for something new to begin, you must bury the past“. It then ends with the visual of Cristal Snow the artist being covered in a body bag and buried alive – by Cristal Snow the person. And we then get the dramatic text “DEAD” followed by “Resurrection…..Fall 2012“.

So then. It’s pretty clear what’s happening. Cristal is going to be embarking on something of a reinvention, and is using the video to ‘Venom’ as a message that the Cristal Snow we all knew before, is gone. And we’ve got a whole new Cristal Snow to look forward to.

We asked the man himself to clarify matters a little further. “I was a little sad and disappointed with how things went with my last album ‘God You Made Me Wicked’… Drama with the label, Finnish radio station playlists etc. I was SO proud of the album. Fans and critics seemed to love it, but it got lost in the mix. It has been hard to let go of the album – lots of questions ‘what if’s’ and so on. So my decision to release one more video is a combo of things. I wanted to bury this the album  – my personal feelings for it, and the Cristal Snow that was“.

And what about the new Cristal Snow? “I am making HUGE career decisions and a new era is dawning, to put it dramatically! I have been working on my new album in quiet for over two years. And at the end of the year I am releasing new material – the video – the work – the drama is gonna be epic – my new album is amazing. I thought I had nothing to write about when I began working on ‘number three’, but I was wrong. I am gonna rise from the dead as a better songwriter, challenging myself to new heights with new producers and co-writers“.

And we bloody well can’t wait to hear it!

For now, let’s all take a moments silence, or rather three minutes of music, and bid farewell to the Cristal Snow of old.

God You Made Me Wicked - Cristal Snow


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