Coco aka Mikaela Urbom aka that red haired girl that used to be in Love Generation, has this afternoon premiered her new solo single on Metropol 93.8 Stockholm radio.

And you can take a listen to it below.

This is actually very much recommended – since it’s really rather good. It follows on from her release (a collaboration with Andremo) late last year, ‘Music Is Turning Me On‘. It’s not as dance orientated as that was though. This is Coco’s sound.

And based on ‘Watch Your Bitch’ we would describe that sound as an urban pop kind of thing. Sort of like Jessie J – a cross between the very good first two singles that Jessie J released, ‘Do It Like A Dude’ and ‘Price Tag’ – not the tripe that she’s come out with since.

And the “watch your bitch better watch your bitch” chorus reveals itself to be a catchy hook too. We like that – when we can sing a pop hook that contains a swear word. It’s passive aggressively naughty.

Listen below by skipping to the 03:01 point;

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