Cloetta Paris: ‘Looking For Love’

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Cloetta Paris Venise

It’s Scandinavian pop dipping its toes into the warm Mediterranean waters of Italo-Disco!

Cloetta Paris, the Swedish duo who had some success and notoriety a few years back, returned recently with a brand new single – ‘Looking For Love’. In a heartbreaking example of underexposure, the YouTube audio of the song that you can stream below, has had less than 600 views in the months since it’s gone online. We can only hope and assume that fans are pummeling the repeat button on Spotify instead, willing minuscule royalties in the direction of their faves.

The song is a beauty. Why, it’s not unlike Annie or Sally Shapiro, whom Cloetta Paris have worked with before. It also features sporadic vocal stylings by a man who is fabulously named Cornetto Roma.

The opening drums. The ensuing synths. The vocal arrival;

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