Here’s a really-quite-very-good electropopdance track – a joint collaboration between artists from two Scandi lands, the video for which came out last month. It’s ‘Wild Men’, by Norwegian production duo CLMD (pictured above – handsome pair, aren’t they?!), and featuring Swedish singer Sirena.

Regular readers of Scandipop MAY remember Sirena from her ace first two singles, released last year – ‘Love Is Not’ and ‘Don’t Fear The Water’. She also features on another dance record around at the moment – ‘Louder’ by Style of Eye.

‘Wild Men’ is peak time, hands-in-the-air, floor filler fare. Commercial enough to appeal to our sugary palate, and hardcore enough to get the dance heads on board. Although what do we know about what those lot like, eh? What we do know however, is that if they don’t like this, then Christ knows what they’re after. ‘Wild Men’ is ace.

Here’s the video;

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