Christmas Heroes

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Aqua have delighted us with a Christmas song!

Heaven knows why they never released a Christmas single back in their Aquarium days, it would have been perfect for them. But they’ve gone and done it now instead. It’s an electro disco pop hybrid with bells on. And as you would expect with Aqua, the lyrics aren’t your typical Christmas cheese! Instead, they sing about Christmas pop culture – and how it’s designed to make you feel. They mention how Disney has created a snow white dream version of Christmas that we’ve all taken to our heart. And they even make a reference to Coca Cola’s effect on Christmas imagery. But we guess its sentiment is epitomised in the lyric; ‘’this is the season where that Wham song damages your head’’! Brilliant as always.

And as with all Aqua songs, it’s hideously catchy. For the millionth time Aqua; thank you for the music. We’re SO happy that they’re back.

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