Chechen feat. Carli: ‘EPA’

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CHECHENEPA e1342438823582

The summer of 2012 in Sweden has spawned yet another specimen of eccentric yet excellent electronica.

Chechen and Carli are calling it ‘EPA’ and they’ve even gone to the bother of capitalisation for the title, so it MUST be bonkers, right? Right. It’s all in Swedish too which adds to the novelty for the international listener. Cracking on through it, it sounds like the entire thing is made up of umpteen bizarre riffs – both in the production and in the vocal parts – and each with a relentless ability to get stuck in your head. For many this will be annoying noise. For us, it’s ear nectar laced with acid.

Our only gripe with it is that it’s too damn short. They’ve not even bothered to pop an extended version onto iTunes or Spotify. Sort it out, loves.

This was released one month ago in Sweden and still isn’t anything close to being huge yet, which sort of defies belief really. Maybe.

Epa - Single - Chechen & Carli



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