Charlotte Thorstvedt feat. Nosizwe Baqwa: ‘Treacle’

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Charlotte Thorstvedt is a Norwegian model, DJ, and a television host (with X Factor and MTV amongst her hosting credits). And now she’s become a pop star. Except she doesn’t actually sing on her new single. That’s not us being cynical in a model-releases-single-but-doesn’t-actually-sing-on-it-LOL kind of way. She really doesn’t! You see, she’s actually going down the producer route and has got a featured vocalist in to provide vocals for the music she’s penned.

The song is called ‘Treacle’ and it’s a deliciously laidback soft house affair. It’s lounge, but it’s by no means background music. Instead it’s got enough interesting layers, levels and depth to basically push that sofa within the aforementioned lounge towards the dancefloor, and plonk it right in the middle of a particularly up-for-it bunch of Sunday afternoon clubbers! The vocals, lent by Nosizwe Baqwa are LUSH, and match, or perhaps set the tone of the music perfectly.

We can’t help but wonder if the song’s title was given to it only after its recording – when it was discovered that listening back to it was like being in some sort of pleasant dreamland where you’re half swimming and half floating in exactly that – treacle!

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