Charlotte Thorstvedt feat. Margaret Berger: ‘Arrhythmia’

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Margaret Berger has got some new music out in her native Norway. She’s the featured vocalist on the new single by producer Charlotte Thorstvedt – ‘Arrhythmia’.

It’s a strange one, this. It’s quite unlike any of Margaret’s output before. Still slightly electronic, but with a rather large nod towards 90’s UK garage music! In truth, it’s not as good as any of Margaret’s own music. And in fact, it’s not even as good as Charlotte’s previous single last year, ‘Treacle‘. However, it HAS proved itself to be something of a grower in the past week or so. We’ve gone from disappointment to disinterest to at the very least distant appreciation. So who knows what the next week has in store for it.

We’ll post it anyway, so you can make your own minds up. It IS Margaret Berger after all. We love Margaret.

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