Charlotte Perrelli: ‘Min Barndoms Jul’ (live!)

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Charlotte Perrelli has this season released a brand new Christmas album – the follow up to the delectably titled ‘Rimfrost Jul’. It’s called ‘Min Barndoms Jul’ and it’s a 14 track collection of Christmas songs that she’s recorded either by herself, of with the help of those two little chaps you can see in the picture above you – her two sons Angello and Alessio.

This morning she dropped by Nyhetsmorgon to perform three songs from the album for TV viewers (on her lonesome though, minus the kids). And to our utter joy and delight, one of the songs she chose to perform is our absolute favourite from there. And it’ll be your favourite from there too, we promise.

It’s ‘Nu Är Julen Här Igen’ – and it’s only Charlotte Perrelli’s long awaited return to schlager music! That’s right, SCHLAGER. Why, it’s the most schlager thing she’s put her name and indeed her voice to, since 1999’s epic ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’. ‘Nu Är Julen Här Igen’ is like a cross between that very Eurovision winner, and Mariah Carey’s infamous ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. And we don’t know about you readers, but that is PRECISELY what we want from middle aged Melodifestivalen famed female singers releasing Christmas albums.

Below you can watch Charlotte performing the three songs in a red Christmas frock on Nyhetsmorgon’s festively decorated set. And if that doesn’t get you in the Jul Tid mood, then we just can’t imagine what would. Some Rimfrost perhaps?

‘Min Barndoms Jul’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.


Nu Är Julen Här Igen

När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar

Nu Står Jul Vid Snöig Port


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