Cazzi Opeia: ‘My Heart In 2’

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Here comes a brand new dance tune that plays like a pop tune, and is from the land where they make that wonderful hybrid of tunage best – Sweden.

We’ve read some comments online this year from people lamenting the progression of September’s sound. Longing for the days of ‘In Orbit’. And while we don’t necessarily agree that September should be stunting her artistic growth, we do still chalk ‘In Orbit’ up as our most beloved album of hers.

Where all this ties into ‘My Heart In 2’, is that this song is enormously reminiscent of September and her work of yesteryear with Jonas von der Burg. The topline is a dreamy, intoxicated clubland melody – but one that’s still cognisant enough to be preaching a cause, and assertive enough to be heard. All this is helplessly yet blissfully engulfed in a comforting whirlpool of scandipop synth. On paper, it’s near enough everything we want from a pop song. And in practice, it more or less reaches the mark.

As for Cazzi herself, well she’s an ambiguous one. We’ve done a slight bit of research on her, and found only that her sound as well as her style is completely all over the place. Add to this the fact that she initially found fame through Swedish Idol, and that equates to her basically being unclassifiable! But we get the impression she’d prefer it that way. As a result though, it’s hard to tell if ‘My Heart In 2’ is gonna be an exceptional highlight of her growing repertoire. However, we would very much like her to continue making songs like the this one;

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