Cazzi Opeia: ‘My Heart In 2’ – the video!

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Cazzi Opeia2 puff 18704c

One of our absolute favourite dance pop tracks of last year has gasped a new breath of life. Cazzi Opeia’s ‘My Heart In 2’ now has a shiny new pop video to call its own.

This song has had a frustratingly low amount of attention, which is a little unfair. If it had been featured on September’s ‘Love CPR’ album it would undoubtedly have been sitting in amongst the top half of what were regarded as the best tracks on there. If you’ve not listened yet, treat yourself! Here again, are some more words we wrote about the song itself. And here’s a corking remix that appeared online recently too.

As for the video, well it more than serves its purpose. The quality of it thankfully betrays Cazzi’s level as an independent artist, as it looks just as slick and polished as a video being released by a major label. And at the same time it showcases Cazzi’s very un-major label friendly image! She’s presented in all of her regalia. A genuine sight to behold;

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