Cazzette: ‘Beam Me Up’

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There’s so much mediocre dance music coming from Sweden at the moment (what gives?!), that’s it getting more and tiresome to trawl through the debris of ‘good-but-that’s-about-it’ stuff to get to the really amazing songs. Every so often though, one gem of the genre shines through. And this is one such example – ‘Beam Me Up’ by Cazzette.

It’s a fantastic piece of dance music – one that could even disguise itself as dancepop, should it decide to take a wander outside of the club during daylight. It hypnotises with its verse, and then POUNDS mercilessly via its chorus.

We’re in love with a lot about this track, and one of those facets is the unnamed vocalist. We asked who it is though, and it’s Kelly Sheehan, fact fans. Marvellous job, Kelly. Vocals on a dance song so good that they remind us a little of when Nadia Ali worked her magic on IIO’s ‘Rapture’. Although of course, most credit goes to Cazzette themselves, or Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer, as their loved ones call them.

‘Beam Me Up’ is released today via a special Spotify app, as part of their debut EP, ‘Eject Pt.1’. It’s streaming below the video.

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