Casinos You Should Visit in Scandinavia

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Scandinavia is northern Europe’s subregion comprising the countries Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. These countries are also often known to be in the Scandinavian Peninsula, and may also broadly include Åland Islands, Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Finland.

Countries in this part of Europe share strong cultural, historical, and linguistic ties – too many similarities for many people to often mistake them as one. Probably among the common interests they share is their love for gambling, both on land and online

While some parts of Scandinavia are still tight in terms of gambling regulations, the majority of them are very welcoming to the gambling industry. What’s better proof for that claim but the casinos popping up in Scandinavian lands.

Here are some examples of casinos you should visit in Scandinavia:

Casino Cosmopol, Gothenburg

Cosmopol casinos are scattered in Sweden. They have an establishment in Malmo, Stockholm, and the one in Gothenburg (which is considered the best among the three).  

What made this casino among the top casino destinations in Sweden is that it’s located next to the harbor. The two-floor gaming complex features about 350 slot machines and various table games. Once you enter the stylish and elegant casino’s main floor, you’ll be greeted by games like American roulette, blackjack, and Punto Blanco. Meanwhile, if you’re a poker lover, you’ll definitely love this casino for housing Europe’s one of the largest poker rooms.

Casino Cosmopol Gothenburg also boasts classy restaurants, a bar, and a Sports Zone. That’s what makes this casino among the must-visit casinos in Scandinavia.

Casino Marienlyst, Helsingør

Known as the oldest casino in Denmark, both locals and tourists will certainly enjoy Casino Marienlyst. Not only is it historical, but it is also considered one of Europe’s most beautiful casinos. 

The casino houses a wide selection of casino games like roulette, table games, video machines, jackpot slots, and others.

Casino Helsinki aka Grand Casino Helsinki

Located in Helsinki, Finland (where it’s named after), Casino Helsinki or Grand Casino Helsinki is famous among Finnish people. This is owned by Veikkaus, a government-owned betting agency that monopolizes the gambling industry in the country.

This two-story casino offers about 300 slot machines with different types of slot jackpots, 20 gaming tables, and a poker room. With its seven poker tables, you may enjoy games like Texas Hold’em, Five-Card Stud, Omaha Hold’em, and others.

Casino Copenhagen 

With its modern look, shared with the four-star Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Casino Copenhagen is one of the best casinos in Denmark. You can enjoy roulette in this casino of nearly 30 roulette machines, as well as other games like blackjack, poker, and Texas Hold’em. You may also enjoy more than 140 slot machines that boast a high RTP percentage and live sports betting like football and horse racing.

What’s more, the premises also house different bars, restaurants, and private member clubs.

Casino Odense, Odense

Even though Casino Odense only has a limited range of games compared to other casinos on the list, there’s no question that this is perhaps the friendliest and one of the best casinos in Denmark.

This casino houses 12 roulette tables, 40 video machines, 11 poker tables, and 4 poker machines. You may also enjoy your classic favorite casino games like blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, and English roulette. All that you can find in its sophisticated and stylish environment.

If you’re up for something to eat, food and some refreshments aren’t also a concern here as they also have a restaurant and ambient bar.

Casino Cosmopol, Malmo

Another Casino Cosmopol that can be found in Sweden is located in Malmo. This casino boasts about 200 slot machines and 32 live game tables. Not just that, you can also enjoy classic casino games like blackjack, Punto Banco, and roulette. Poker tournaments are also held here regularly where you can play cash tables for games like Omaha poker and Texas Hold ’em.

If you’re in Malmo, you should never miss Casino Cosmopol, or play online at

Feel Vegas Casino Iso Omena

This casino that’s located in Espoo, one of the well-known shopping centers in Finland, will also give an amazing gaming experience. Feel Vegas Casino Iso Omena offers a wide selection of Finnish and International slots and table games. You can enjoy games like Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, and dynamic poker. 

A full-service sports restaurant may also interest you. They serve world-class dishes, an a la carte menu, and classic bar fare.

Feel Vegas Casino Iso Omena is owned and operated by Veikkaus Oy, a Finnish national betting agency.

That makes the list of some of the must-visit casinos in Scandinavia. 

Scandinavia isn’t just a great home for locals, it’s also a must-visit destination for tourists. With its rich culture, interesting language, beautiful people, and astonishing manmade and natural wonders, your next adventure should be here, especially if you are fond of gambling. They have among the best casinos in the world that have a lot of games to offer.

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