Cars & Calories: ‘To The Extreme’

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Norwegian duo Cars & Calories (try to look past that name, the music’s worth it) return today with their brand new single ‘To The Extreme’. It’s their third after last year’s couple of hits ‘Here’ and ‘Runner Up’.

Like what’s gone before it, ‘To The Extreme’ is a delightfully catchy slice of radio friendly guitar and synth pop. Enormously sing-a-long (or hum-a-long, if you’re more that way inclined), thanks to the Scandi melodies that the song has been generously infused with. We did wonder why they waited six months to release their next single – but now we know. This is an incredible summer song! Donkeyboy meets Owl City for a frivolous romp in the park.

til the cemetery beckons, living in the second, to the extreee-ee-eme

The song is written by Jim André Bergsted, Charlie Mason and Eric Höjdén.

‘To The Extreme’ is released today. Take a listen;


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