Danish electrorock outfit Carpark North have caught our attention by teaming up with the lead singer of one of our favourite Danish non electrorock outfits, Alphabeat. It’s miss Stine Bramsen, and she joins them on their quite splendid new single 32.

It’s a thundering dose of melancholia with grim lyrics and a bleak outlook on life. On first appearances at least. But then it’s all uplifted however, by an anthemic melody for its chorus, a “we’re rising up” middle eight, a “we’re badly bruised but we’re not broken” post-middle eight thing, A FUCKING GREAT BIG KEY CHANGE, and lastly a final minute of euphoric ridiculousness playing out as a an almighty crescendo. It’s a triumph of every kind of emotion. And you might need a lie down after it.

Carpark North are Lau Højen (vocals, guitar), Søren Balsner (bass, synths, vocals), and Morten Thorhauge (drums). As if you didn’t already know.

Here’s a performance vid which doubles up nicely as a lyric vid;



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