Candle light and soul forever

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We thought we couldn’t love ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ anymore. We were wrong. They’ve gone and made a ‘candlelight’ version, turning the poppers anthem into a stripped back ballad. Hera has re-recorded the vocals especially, and we love how she lets rip after the almighty key change.

Someone should edit a video together with this mix playing over the FIERCE music video that goes along with the single!

Candlelight versions of dance songs have been commonplace ever since DJ Sammy and ‘Heaven’. They’re always a great accompaniment to their parent mix, and it’s very difficult to get them wrong, so long as the original track was great in the first place. Although we draw the line at the candlelight version of Jay Sean’s bloody ‘Down’! Our personal favourite of the lot though, is when September’s invasion of the UK brought with it a candlelight mix of ‘Cry For You’. Beeyyyooooootiful!

One song we’ve always wanted to hear mixed like this though, is Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’! Wouldn’t it be amazing?!

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