Cameron Cartio: ‘Electric’

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8153634What is it with schlager stars and their penchant for covering Melody Club’s ‘Electric’?! Last year we had Velvet’s take on the pop classic, and now in 2011 we’ve got Cameron Cartio having a go. “WHO?”, some of you will undoubtedly be thinking. THIS gentleman from Melodifestivalen 2005. Back then he took ‘Roma’ to the andra chansen round of Melodifestivalen, and now he’s taking Swedish pop to the middle East – as he’s recorded a Persian version (oooh, that rhymes!) of ‘Electric’.

Not that we’re complaining about the aforementioned habit of covering ‘Electric’, mind. It’s a cracking song, and we loved Velvet’s re-imagining last year. Cameron’s is another welcome addition to the family. As well as offering a new translation, he also transforms it with some middle Eastern sounds, and we do love a bit of commercial pop ethnicity.

OH, and there’s a video for it too – directed by Cameron’s own brother, Alec. There’s a lot of flying about on planes. That’s right – ON planes, not in them.

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