BYRTA: ‘Minnist Tú’

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Faroese electropop duo BYRTA have released a new single this week. And as you should have come to expect from them by now if you’ve been following their exploits on here, it is properly good.

It’s called ‘Minnist Tú’. This one’s a lot more upbeat than previous efforts. Practically rapturous in comparison. That’s all down to a relentless synth which twists and turns its own way through its own melody, while the rest of the song happens around it. But these BYRTA lot know what they’re doing – so it all sounds very right. VERY right.

Scandi (well, Nordic) synth at its bestest. For that is BYRTA’s thing. They’ve mastered the art. And we are loving each glimpse into what they choose to do to it.

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