Brolle: ‘7 Days & 7 Nights’ – the vid!

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Brolle’s record label have gone and cobbled together a music video for his effort into this weekend’s Melodifestivalen final, ‘7 Days & 7 Nights’.

It’s fair to say that it’s a modest affair, and they haven’t exactly gone overboard on the budget. But then they are calling it a ”bonus video for the fans”, so it seems like they’re covering themselves before any criticism can be directed towards it.

It’s a performance video, with a lot of bright lights thrown into the mix. Personally, we would have preferred some close ups of his incredibly handsome face – it’s all shot from a distance unfortunately. It would have been nice to have had those sleeves removed from his shirt too, so that we could see those interesting tattoos of his. Oh, and a few buttons of the shirt undone too. And actually, was there really any need for those trousers to be worn. And while we’re at it, his…….

Never mind. Here’s the video;

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