Boven: ‘I’m Your Garden’

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Here’s a song and its pair of remixes that have been bending our minds (and delightfully so) on this fine Monday morning. It’s ‘I’m Your Garden’, by Swedish act Boven. To be honest, we know fuck all about these Boven characters. A minimalist email popped into our inbox over the weekend with little more than a link to listen to. All we do know is that they’re Swedish and that this song is very good – therefore they easily meet eligibility to be written about on here!

The fact that they’ve put a drawing of a cute fox as their artwork gets bonus points too. Just look at its little face!

Right, this song then. ‘I’m Your Garden’ is a decadent disco funk production with a popline topline. Bizarrely but beautifully, its structure is punctured throughout with bits of string laden softness. It’s instantly likeable, and calls for repeat listens – which we’ve been gleefully caving into and giving it. Also check out the two remixes. The early era Calvin Harris-esque Academics Remix, and the dubstep crossed with reggae (oh yes, really) Davr Remix.

Everything is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD too, – what kind and considerate craftsmen they are! Stream it, love it, and nab it below;

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