Bjørn Johan Muri: ‘Even A Fool’

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Norwegian pop chap Bjørn Johan Muri has returned after a lengthy hiatus this week with brand new single ‘Even A Fool’.

The fellow most famous for competing in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2010 with the song ‘Yes Man’, and then the succession of high standard hits that followed, has been hiding away for far too long in our humble opinion. But the flipside of that is that he’s returned better than ever – with the strongest song he’s ever put out.

The great thing about ‘Even A Fool’ is that it surprises you. It starts off as a fairly run-of-the-mill pop/rock track and at first you’re slightly underwhelmed, having certainly hoped for something a bit more special after all this time. But then. The chorus comes. And that’s when the sheer amazingnessness of the song hits you. It’s pretty WOW. He locks into some disengaged falsetto and completely goes off into a brilliantly crafted melody – coupled with the lyric “even a fool like, needs some melody“. <3

For now, limited to a Norwegian only release, but you can listen to it below;

Even a Fool - Single - Bjørn Johan Muri


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