The Best Scandinavian Pop Artists that You Should Know about

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Pop music and Sweden has had a deep-rooted and long-standing relationship ever since we can remember. Since the ‘70s, we have been gifted with the music of beautiful artists like ABBA, Roxette and Ace of Base. In recent decades, Sweden has extended its success in the domain of music to its surrounding countries, Scandinavia being one of them.

Over the last couple of decades, Scandinavia has become a hotbed for experimenting with different genres of music and has been using music to push boundaries and bring about a renaissance in pop culture and sensibilities. From electronic to metal and rock to hip-hop, Scandinavia has explored every genre of music and with much success. However, amidst all these genres, the one that has stood the test of time and earned a massive fan following is that of pop. There is something unique and curious about the pop music of Scandinavia. In fact, Scandinavia has emerged as one of the leading lights when it comes to pop music.

Having said that, in the article that we have here today, we shall look into some of the major pop artists who have revolutionized this genre of music in Scandinavia and see how their music has topped the charts. Therefore, start playing on one of the top casino games site for Canadians, turn on some of the best Scandinavian pop music and make your way through the article we have for you. 



Sigrid had quite a breakout year following the release of her internationally hit number “Don’t Kill My Vibe”. This young Scandinavian artist grew up on the music of Joni Mitchell and Adele, and has been churning out numbers that are dominated by carefree and fun tunes. Some of her other well-known and celebrated songs are “Strangers” and “Everybody Knows”, a contribution to the original soundtrack of Justice League. 

Sigrid is not just a terrific singer, but even when it comes to songwriting and performing, she is a natural. As the days bleed into years, it is expected that this young talent shall only shine bright on the horizon of music and keep topping the charts with her songs.

Lykke Li:

It was not until 2007 that Lykke Li started getting her due recognition. However, despite releasing Little Bit EP in 2007, her career did not take off. It was only after the release of her debut album Youth Novels that she shot to fame and started attracting reputed labels to her music. Her musical capabilities span across different genres of music, and has something to offer to everyone. From utterly mellifluous numbers to mournful ballads and brilliant pop, Lykke Li stands unrivalled in the Scandinavian music industry.

Lykke Li is not just great at the recording studios, but her stage performances are also something to look forward to. She is known to perform hip-hops in flowy black clothes and sweep the audiences off their feet. In 2014, she released one of her most ambitious albums I Never Learn, and fans went gaga over her colossal singalong singles like “No Rest for the Wicked” and “never Gonna Love Again”.

Anna of the North:

Another name that has been causing quite a stir since a few years in the Scandinavian pop music scenario is that of Anna of North. In 2014, she caught everyone’s attention with her single “Sway”, post which she left Australia to head back home. The foundations for her debut album Lovers were built here as she continued winning over fans with each of her singles.

 Anna can also be found in impromptu jam sessions with Tyler the Creator and Steve Lacy, if you were interested to know more about her musical sensibilities. What brought her into the mainstream music world was her two guest appearances on Tyler’s studio album. Speaking of the flavor of her music, Anna’s music is influenced by electro-pop infused with her own style.

Tove Lo:

The final artist that we shall talk about in this article is Tove Lo who got everyone in raptures with her infectiously catchy number “Habits”. It is the kind of song that grows on you even without you knowing about it. However, it is not just “Habits” that shall get you moving without your knowledge. Each of her songs has a unique flavor, something that shall stay with you for a very long time before leaving you. Tove Lo is definitely a rising star in the Scandinavian pop music scenario and has the backing of Marina & the Diamonds.

Wrapping Up:

There are several more gems that you might want to learn about in the Scandinavian pop music world. However, the artists that we have mentioned in the article are some of the very best, and any music enthusiast must keep an eye out for them and follow their career closely. With the gradual passage of time, these musicians shall only climb up the ladder of success and gift the world with some of the most outstanding music pieces.

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