The Best Scandinavian Music for Students

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Scandinavia has delivered the greatest musical talent to the world for decades. Among these have been golden oldies like ABBA, but recent artists like Robyn from Sweden have delighted fans across the globe. 

Sigrid from Norway, Mono Mono from Denmark, and IceAge from Copenhagen are other recent talented artists to have claimed fame in Scandinavia. And, who can forget Björk, one of the most prolific musicians to come from Iceland? Here’s a taste of the Scandinavian music that all students can enjoy. 



Students can get in touch with their eclectic electronica vibes from MONO MONO, with “City Lights” and “Helium Balloon,” where Elsig adds a lulling vocal sound to the overall feel. Hôy la likewise delivers her own version of electronic music, merged with acoustics, to render a powerful ambiance for the listener. 

Iceage of Copenhagen embodies its own specific post-punk sounds, leveraging the commercial popular music fan base. The group’s album “Beyondless” from 2018 features a collaboration with Sky Ferreira of the U.S., which delighted fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Aloo continues to win fans with songs like “Hiding in the Woods” and “Peel It,” demonstrating how Denmark is a haven for enormous talent.


Another firm favorite who students can listen to is the creative singer and songwriter, Bríet. She has penned two winning songs entitled “Carousel (feat. Steiner)” and “Feimin(n),” demonstrating the type of music for writing that students love to listen to when learning. Indriði is another singer with an ethereal voice, which lends itself to learning in her album entitled “Makril.” 

Then there’s Ari Árelíus, whose powerful vocals have been likened to that of Alex Turner—dreamy, restful and harmonious. These three artists all boast powerful voices and the creative abilities that go into producing top-selling music. Students shouldn’t miss out on listening to any of these winning musicians.

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Farida caters to pop music fans, which enjoy her “Rob the Bank” and “You” songs, which make the most of her phenomenal singing voice. Amanda Tenfjord has produced “Let Me Think,” and “Pick a Card,” whose lyrics belie her age of just 23. Compared with Maggie Rogers of the U.S., this Norwegian star is also destined to go far. 

Boy Pablo has produced two recent albums entitled Roy Pablo, and Soy Pablo, both of which feature a voice with a diverse pitch amid understated guitar music. Forecasts say that Boy Pablo is set to stick around, and so should students who haven’t yet heard his music.



Moving to Sweden, students will be intrigued by the laidback musical performances delivered by La Lusid. The Indie group features Paulina Palmgren as the lead singer, who went from Indie fame to an all-round popular Swedish darling of the country. La Lusid continues to make inroads into the competitive global music world but is highly popular among students.

Viagra Boys music is satirical, punk with heavy baselines and compelling mixes are the rebels of Swedish music. Their approach is to do music like they want to, for themselves, and are happy if you enjoy it as much as they do. 

Think Iggy Pop, and you can expect a similar genre of music from this group. Soloists Marlene and Ji Nilsson have built a strong fan base with their popular songs like “Ear Candy” and “There,” which are really vibey sounds for students to dance to.


Just as with the other Scandinavian countries, Finland goes all out to impress with little effort. Take Vesta, for example, who has transformed Finnish folk music into the country’s latest popular genre, with an electronic edge. 

Jesse Markin offers students a piece of his soul into a fascinating mix of rap, soul and jazz—which shouldn’t work, and yet is brilliant. Students will definitely be pleased if they take time out to listen to Lac Belot’s swooning and crooning of gentle lullabies that are easy on the ear and the soul. 


Scandinavian involves great listening for students, whether they prefer harmonious vocals, raunchy punk, or electronic music in isolation or with vocals. Scandinavia’s talent is impossible to ignore and is definitely an enriching experience for music lovers all over the world. The artists mentioned here are worth every student’s time, with the sheer range of these artists presenting a value to the authentically individualistic world.

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