Suriya is the lady vocalist of this ace new Danish dance track, ‘U&I’ (refusal to put a space between characters, artist’s own).

You know Suriya! One half of that fabulous Danish pop duo of the 90s, S.O.A.P. And also the lady responsible for bringing dubstep to Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix earlier this year. Yes her.

Well she sounds fantastic on this new single, which showcases a facet of her vocal that has never been heard before. Laidback dancey trancey. It suits her. We’re there with her. And Suriya fans will be pleased to learn that ‘U&I’ isn’t too far removed from her pop roots – it’s a vocal dance track that triumphantly crosses the border into popworld, where the booze is cheap and the people are friendly!

The single has been released outside of Denmark too. Link below. Oh and this remix is also pretty amazing too.

U&I (feat. Suriya) - Single - Benjamin Led & Nash


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