Because She Loves Us

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It’s been almost a year since September released her last single, ‘Until I Die’ in Sweden. As we all know though, she’s been kept rather busy by the fact that one of her older songs, ‘Cry For You’ has become a monster hit around the world – her first hit in the UK, US, and Australia. The Swedes have been forgiving of course, as they’re quite proud of their latest international pop export, but a new single was overdue. Well now it’s arriving – on November 18th. As rumoured, it’s going to be ‘Because I Love You’. Some will bemoan the fact that it’s not exactly a new single, as it first appeared on her ‘Dancing Shoes’ album in 2007. But actually it’s a brand new remix, done by her long time producer Jonas Von Der Burg. It’s lost its (admittedly very charming) latino influence and is now a full on club track rather than the subtle pop belter that appeared on the album. It’s essentially been given the same kick up the arse that ‘Cry For You’ was given for the UK market. We all know that turned out very well in the end, but we actually prefer the original version of ‘Because I Love You’. The kick it’s been given isn’t quite hard enough and it all sounds quite half arsed. Which isn’t usually the case with anything that Jonas turns his knobs to!


roma 190807 23In any case, her fanbase should still be pleased, as the single release comes with six remixes. There’s no word yet on the follow up single to ‘Cry For You’ in the UK (Looking For Love PLEASE), but UK fans will be seeing a lot more of her in November and December, as she’s touring the country with the second national Clubland Tour alongside Scooter, Kate Ryan, Kelly Llorenna, and the usual dwellers of Clubland compilation albums.


Oh, and one more thing – she’s announced ANOTHER international compilation album. As with the last one, it comprises her favourite tracks from ‘Dancing Shoes’ and ‘In Orbit’. We have no idea which territory this one is for though. It’s called ‘Gold’ and the tracklisting is below. The tracklisting for the Swedish release of ‘Because I Love You’ is below that.


01: Cry for You
02: Because I Love You (JVD Radio Edit)
03: Can’t Get Over
04: Candy Love
05: R.I.P.
06: Looking for Love
07: Satellites
08: Flowers on the Grave
09: It Doesn’t Matter
10: Sacrifice
11: Sad Song
12: Freaking Out
13: Taboo
Midnight Heartache
15: Until I Die
16: End of the Rainbow
17: Because I Love You (Jazzy Candlelight Version)
18: Cry for You (Candlelight Remix)
19: Satellites (Live Acoustic Version)
20: Cry for You (Video)
21: Cry for You (Live Acoustic Version for


01: Because I Love You (Radio Edit)
02: Because I Love You (Dave
Ramone Raio Edit)
03: Because I Love You (
Radio Extended)
04: Because I Love You (Clubmix Short)
05: Because I Love You (Clubmix Extendd)
06: Because I Love You (Dave
Ramone Exended)
07: Because I Love You (Jazzy Candleliht)

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