Basic Elements of Success!

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Well it’s clearly dawned on British record label Hard2Beat that they struck gold when they stumbled upon the Swedish music scene. Having successfully launched Basshunter and September in the UK, and pushing all the right buttons to ensure the same fate for Star Pilots, they’ve now signed legendary Swedish band Basic Element. And rather than wade through their decade spanning back catalogue, they’ve done the sensible thing and decided to launch them with ‘Touch You Right Now’ – the track that the band are currently ‘riding high’ in the Swedish charts with.




Basic Element were big in the mid nineties, releasing four albums between 1994 and 1998. They then had a lengthy break before returning in 2005, with music that didn’t stray from their euro dance roots, but brought their sound right up to date. Hard2Beat have decided to play upon that history, despite the fact that Basic Element aren’t well known in the UK. In the press release for the single, Hard2Beat make various references to harking back to the ‘’magical 1990’s dance music era’’, and give nods to The Real McCoy and Eurodance.


The song itself is typical Basic Element fare. A female vocal led chorus teamed with male rap versus. Similar in style to E-Type, but more in the vein of Dr Albarn. It’s been in the Swedish charts for a month now, and variously dips in and out of the iTunes top 10. It’s certainly been the big dance tune of the start of the year anyway. Have a look at the video below. As yet, there’s no word on whether the UK will receive a different mix or a different video.


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