Basic Element: ‘Someone Out There’

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Swedish dancepop outfit of yesteryear Basic Element have returned this month with a brand new single. And hooray – they still sound the same!

The new single is ‘Someone Out There’. Euro house is the order of the day here. A frantic synth production, a large repetitive chorus that’s vocalled by a lady, and an all rapped chorus. Christ knows if this is what people still dance to – anywhere in Europe. But to our ears it’s our preferred brand of dancepop, and so those Europeans certainly well SHOULD be getting all hands-in-the-air to this stuff. Something tells us they are though – last week ‘Someone Out There’ made the list of the top 10 most shared tracks on Spotify in the Nordics. So there you go. There IS Someone Out There getting their rave on to this.

Listen below via Spotify or YouTube (the YouTube stream has a nice picture of a car too for some reason or other);

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