BaseBrothers: ‘Lycklig När Jag Dricker’

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51g0fYPBv4L. SL500 AA280Here’s a little bit of what we love most of all at specific times, if we’re in a specific mood, and have a specific ability to look at things with a specific sense of humour – CHEESY SWEDISH RAVE MUSIC

Basebrothers have unleased a new single, ‘Lycklig När Jag Dricker’, and with it, an obscene pop vid which you really shouldn’t watch if you’re at work or in the company of parents, as it’s basically porn. We guess it fits though, as it means that the video is just as tacky as the song. Oh and the lyrics are fairly lowbrow too. It’s a song that’s set out to become the soundtrack to parties where young Swedish people get ridiculously drunk, and it doesn’t really try to be anything beyond that, or claim to be, for that matter. Which, in a sense, is a tiny bit admirable we think. If you squint a little when you consider it anyway. Pounding Eurodance beats and cheesy synths moulded together in a formula that you’ve heard a thousand times before, and fed to you through a funnel, while a group of students chant and fall over. What’s not to love?!

The three boys are actually brothers too – Magnus, Mattias, and Stefan Borgström. And that’s them there, to your right. And frolicking around together in the below spectacle which is a little bit wrong or a little bit hot, depending on your general state of mind…

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