Axwell: ‘Heart Is King’

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Swedish superstar DJ, Axwell, today unleashed a three minute preview of his mammoth new single ‘Heart Is King’. We say ‘mammoth’ because in dance terms it’s of the ‘big’ and ‘large’ variety. It’s stonking huge for Christ’s sake!

What he’s done is mix his regular electro synth sound with a cinematic string section. It sounds like it could be a classical sample, or taken from a film score. In fact, some better educated readers might be able to tell us that it actually is one of the two. And there’s a fair bit of piano thrown in too. We’re loving it!

Actually, it’s always quite difficult to describe dance music. So let’s take a look at Axwell’s soundcloud page, to see how some of his supporters are describing ‘Heart Is King’. “good change to lead away from the pack”, writes james sound. “Had goosebumps since it started. Massive tune”, says cablab. “I think this track would really benefit from some panning”, suggests whyfish, helpfully. “Amazing. Just Re-womped my face” exclaims jrdebiase-1. Although we think that DJdaguru puts it best when he says; “THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN FUCK MY SELF ON THIS ONE! SHIIT!”.

Well yes, quite.

Exaggerations aside though, it’s absolutely amazing.

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