Avicii vs Timoteij: ‘Kom Me Up’

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Nope. Your eyes do not deceive you when reading that title. A mash-up has been made that comprises Avicii’s number 1 Global straddling smash hit ‘Wake Me Up’, and Timoteij’s hefty contribution to the official Best Songs Of All Time chart, ‘Kom’. Two of Sweden’s greats there.

Produced by a man identifying himself as Mr Sjökexet, it’s one of those hybrids that takes two brilliant songs and successfully manages to make a third, equally as brilliant song out of them. Who knew that Avicii could lend himself so well to schlager? And indeed, who knew that Timoteij could lend themselves so well to a UK million seller? Well actually, we had a pretty good inkling about both of those things. But we’re forever indebted to Sjökexet for making this a reality. And he gets extra bonus points for that key change.

A mash-up so amazing, that it should have been called ‘Kom Up Me’;


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