Avicii: ‘Hey Brother’ (next single!)

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After the Global success of ‘Wake Me Up’ and the not too shabby results of follow-up single ‘You Make Me’, Avicii has announced what will be the next single to be taken from his debut album ‘True’. It’s ‘Hey Brother’.

‘Hey Brother’ is of course the song from ‘True’ that sounds most in tune with the aforementioned ‘Wake Me Up’ – American roots music infused with Scandinavian house music. And in Avicii’s native Sweden, without the track even being promoted as a single yet, it’s the song that the Swedes have pounced on the most. On the day of the album’s release, ‘Hey Brother’ went straight to number 1 on the Swedish iTunes chart, where it’s remained pretty much continuously ever since. And this has translated into ‘Hey Brother’ being number 1 on the official Swedish singles chart for the last four weeks too. So it’s a bit of a no brainer all around, that it gets released as the next single worldwide.

In the UK, it’s penciled in for a December release. And if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s quite exciting in terms of how that timing could lead to another massive hit for him with the song, and renewed interest in the album during the biggest sales period of the year. He’s huge now as it is, but ‘Hey Brother’ getting a December release really does feel like it could propel him to an even higher level of success. Which is quite nice for all concerned really, when you consider what a great album they’ve put out.

Anyway. Back to the song itself. We call it a descendent of Yank country music – but let’s be honest here. For all intents and purposes, Avicii’s next single to become an international smash hit is basically a Swedish dansband song. ‘Hey Brother’ is PURE dansband. And we love him for that.

All those years growing up listening to his parents’ dansband CDs on road trips just couldn’t escape him.



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