Aura Dione: ‘Geronimo’

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This song has become an OBSESSION for us over the last week or so (admittedly like a lot of things that we write about on here, funnily enough!).

We haven’t written about it yet because Universal Music Denmark keep on TEARING down all of the YouTube links to listen to it. Danish record labels really do have a whole other way of thinking to the rest of the world when it comes to their copyrighted audio on YouTube. Even their fellow Scandinavian countries are miles away in their approach to it – even within the same company. What’s with that?!

Anyway, fuck it. It’s amazing and we can’t keep it in any longer. If the below link has disappeared by the time you read this, when we’d advise you to search it out yourself on Google, as it really is especially fantastic. It’s ‘Geronimo’, the new single from Copenhagen’s Aura Dione, and her first single since her mega successful ‘Columbine’ album in 2008. Did we mention it’s brilliant?!

It’s been doing the business on Danish iTunes since its release last week, but we really do see this track being her big break internationally too. It’s very Shakira. Not just one Shakira era in particular either. In parts it’s a little ‘Laundry Service’, and in others it’s a lot ‘She Wolf’. That’s probably not intentional, as Aura is a staunchly independent and unique singer/songwriter type. But the above comparison is what we’re hearing anyway.

We defy you to listen to this and not be moved by the corruptive concoction of melody, the trans-continentally tribal production, and the downright barking brilliance of the song in general. IF the below link has disappeared and you can’t be arsed to search on google, then at the very least you should saunter on over to her Facebook page and listen to the clip they’ve got on offer. Go on.

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