Ask Embla: ‘Cry Baby’

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Scandinavian pop duo with a difference, Ask Embla, are about to release their second single – ‘Cry Baby’.

We say “with a difference” because the act is made up of two already super successful songwriters, who are now becoming popstars themselves. From Norway, Ina Wroldsen. And from Sweden, Arnthor Birgisson. Look we’ve already written a fair bit about the whole thing, including lengthy and impressive discographies for both, right here.

‘Cry Baby’ is the new single, composed by Wroldsen and Birgi – now in a new mix to that demo that we first wrote about last year in that post linked to above. It follows on from the amazing ‘Father’s Eyes‘, and for the sake of continuity, ‘Cry Baby’ is also amazing. Somehow, in some way, it has even managed to out-catchy (ironically, that term isn’t going to catch on, is it?) its predecessor. We’ve always loved what these two can bring to the pop song table melody-wise, so it’s pleasing (if not totally “well duh, of course they would“) that they’ve put the same pop craft into their own material. This was always going to sound good, wasn’t it? Can you imagine what the album is gonna be like?!

For the moment, Ask Embla are a strictly Norwegian act – in that there are as yet no plans to release their music outside of Norway. But let’s hope for the sake of pop fans everywhere, that this changes soon.

Debut album ‘Northern Lights’ is released in early November.

Cry Baby - Single - Ask Embla



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