A new single from Army of Lovers – and a new video to go along with it too!

It’s ‘Signed On My Tattoo’, which is taken from their ‘Big Battle of Egos’ album that was released back in March. Alexander Bard has cross-pollinated his artists, and gotten Gravitonas on there as a featured artist. Although the end result sounds a lot more like another of Bard’s bands, BWO, than it does Army of Lovers or Gravitonas.

It’s one of the better new tracks from Army of Lovers – instantly likable if you’re a fan of either Army of Lovers, Gravitonas, or indeed the aforementioned BWO. We prefer this to their Melodifestivalen entry ‘Rockin The Ride’, but of course the true star of their comeback has been the song ‘Tragedy’. Sublime stuff, all three of them though.

The video features sex, clinical scenery, tremendous outfits, and the dramatic murder of each band member. Quite fabulous. And so very Army of Lovers.

‘Signed On My Tattoo’ has been released outside of Sweden too, iTunes link below the vid. Or if you’d like to pick up the ‘Big Battle of Egos’ album on CD, and don’t live in Sweden, you can get it from our store.

Signed On My Tattoo (featuring Gravitonas) - Big Battle of Egos


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