Aqua: ‘Like A Robot’

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Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

This Aqua comeback has reached a glorious high this week already with the arrival of the teaser of a new single from them to be released next week. ‘Playmate To Jesus’ sounds epic, melodic, and immense.

NOW comes the news that it’s gonna be a double a-side single, and we’re gonna get another new track from them next week – ‘Like A Robot’. AND they’ve released a teaser for that one too.

As you can hear below, it’s them returning to the clubland from which they came. Squeaky voiced Lene laments a man’s shortcomings in the bedroom department, culminating in their most OMG, WTF, and LMFAO lyric to date. A chorus that repeats the line “fuck me like a robot”.

We’re in love! Just like we were with them when we were mere tweenagers!

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