Finland is doing the whole pop-boy-does-EDM thing too. Already this year we’ve had Isac Elliot’s ‘New Way Home’, and now Antti Tuisku releases ‘Jää Tai Mee’.

Antti is no newcomer though, having been around since coming third on Finnish Idol 2003, and in that time releasing NINE albums.

His latest foray into pop music is a Finnish language take on what’s been the sound of American radio airwaves for the last couple of years. Which, in itself, was the American take on what had been the sound of the European radio airwaves for the previous ten years, right? Anyway – as a result, ‘Jää Tai Mee’ is generic as fuck. You’ve heard this done before, and probably a lot better too. But sometimes we like a bit of safe familiarity to our pop music. This is basically Ryan Dolan’s ‘Only Love Survives’ part two. And as we hardcore pop fans know, few songs hit the spot so well like the kind of track that would finish last at Eurovision.


Jää Tai Mee - Toisenlainen Tie


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