Yesterday was the release of his debut EP – and now today Anton Ewald has confirmed what the new single will be, and released a lyric video for it. Well – it’s actually a lot more than your standard lyric video, as he’s actually in it and doing stuff.

He’s gone with ‘Can’t Hold Back’ as the second single, the follow up to the mega hit (and mega tune) that was ‘Begging’.

He’s made the right choice, we reckon – as the song (written by Anton Ewald, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Oscar Görres & Farhad Zand) undoubtedly has the best chorus of all of the five tracks on the EP. It’s a one-listen-and-it’s-stuck kind of affair – which always goes down well with the locals here in Popworld. Dare we say it – we quite possibly even prefer this to its predecessor (even though we really did like that a lot).

‘Can’t Hold Back’ has been released outside of Sweden too, should it take your fancy.

More on the ‘A’ EP here. And right here you’ve got the vid;

Can't Hold Back - A - EP


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