Anton Ewald has this morning appeared on Swedish television to give the first TV performances of three of the four new tracks from his new ‘A’ EP.

More on that EP here.

He performed ‘Human’, ‘Would That Make You Love Me’, and his current single ‘Can’t Hold Back‘.

All three songs were performed with an acoustic guitar accompaniment. So if you’re looking for a repeat of THAT ‘Begging’ performance at Melodifestivalen, you’ll be disappointed. However, we guess that Anton really needed to do it this way. He got a bit of flack over the lack of apparent vocals displayed during that aforementioned performance, so it’s important for him to show that he really can do the singing thing too, just as much as the dancing and performance side of things. These three performances showcase his vocals well. And let’s face it, after ‘Begging’, no one’s in any doubt as to whether or not this boy can move, are they?

Still though – for the televised summer shows (he’s performing at Allsång På Skansen, Lotta På Liseberg, AND Sommarkrysset in the coming months), we want a full on dance routine for ‘Can’t Hold Back’, ok Anton?

Can’t Hold Back


Would That Make You Love Me


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