Anton Ewald: ‘A-coustic’ EP

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AntonEwaldA coustic

Anton Ewald isn’t really the first popstar to think of when it comes to artists whom you’d expect to release acoustic albums. Or want to release acoustic albums, for that matter. But that’s precisely what he’s done. He’s taken his ‘A’ EP, and re-recorded and re-released it as a new ‘A-coustic’ EP (whatever your opinions on the practice, you can’t deny that the title alone is genius!).

And it’s all worked out very well for him, for the songs, and for us the listeners.

Not only do we get to enjoy five truly good songs reimagined and thus rebirthed at five more truly good songs, but Anton himself finally gets to lay to rest those accusations that have followed him around since February this year, when he first took to the Melodifestivalen stage with ‘Begging’ – that he can’t sing. Well there’s now no longer any doubt surrounding that particular matter, thanks to ‘A-coustic’. He can sing. It’s a certain type of husky, raspy, often soulful vocal – but it’s a good vocal. And it’s a vocal that lends itself tremendously well to the harsh and bare accompaniment of the sole acoustic guitar. Plus, more importantly, it’s one that we want to listen to.

So there we are. An artist’s point proven, and five good pop songs presented under a new dimension. Job done.

The ‘A-coustic’ EP is out now on iTunes, and has been released outside of Anton’s native Sweden too. You can listen to it in full below.



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