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Tooji e1328109555107

We’ve gone and created a Spotify playlist made up of all of the music that we wrote about in the month of January. And December too, since we didn’t do one for it at the start of the year.

So it’s ended up quite big – 66 tracks. Not just because it comprises two months, but also because January was the month of Denmark and Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix – and the introduction of all of the great songs that those two contests entailed. Only the good stuff though – we’ve left off any rubbish that’s been competing in either country. And of course any songs that aren’t actually on Spotify yet.

We’ve been listening to it all afternoon and obviously we think it’s tremendous. Sonically it starts off pop, then dance, then more pop, before finishing on a down-tempo note.

You can have a listen to the playlist here. And check out our earlier playlists here. Plus you can browse the track listing in the comments section below. Oh, and if you’re wondering who that handsome fellow staring menacingly at you above is, it’s Tooji who sings ‘Stay’ on the playlist – our favourite entry from this year’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix.


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