Another small Aqua update…

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Aqua posted a new video on their Facebook page this week. Not much to go by really, just an update from Lene as to what she’s been up to. HOWEVER, at the end of the vid (from the 1.55 minute mark onwards) she says some highly encouraging things about the new Aqua music that they’re working on.

  • She was ”dancing around with tears in her eyes” while listening to some of it for the first time
  • It sounds ”absolutely amazing
  • Boys and girls, this is gonna be a monster record


Oh and if you’re wondering if we’re going to be tiresomely updating this site every time there’s the tiniest most pointless Aqua update – well, the answer is YES, we will be!

If you missed the sample of new music that they presented last week, here it is again.

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