Annikafiore: ‘Love 2 Live’

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Annikafiore PreachingTotheChoir e1322210636741Annikafiore is continuing her preach to the choir, with the arrival of the second single from her ’Preaching To The Choir’ EP – ’Love 2 Live’. AND its video.

The video is a more high budget affair than that for her summer single ‘Don’t Wanna C U 2nite’. And with Annikafiore, a higher budget means a limitless license for being fabulous! It looks like the bedrooms of a boutique hotel have been rented out for her to prance around in, dressed to the NINETY nines in satin fabric and generously applied red lipstick. She’s cast an array of various beings, bringing to mind one of those post-club chill-outs that you’ve been invited back to – in which you don’t quite know what’s going on so you just get more trashed and enjoy yourself.

It has to be said also, that she’s looking absolutely beautiful in it.

Live to love ‘Love 2 Live’;

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