Anna Abreu: ‘Stereo’

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Cast your minds back to late April when we were losing our shit over a certain song on the latest album from Finnish poppet, Anna Abreu – ‘Rush’. The song is called ‘Stereo’, and you can peruse our thoughts on it here.

Step forward to today, and her label in Finland have thankfully revealed their honorable intentions to release it as a single. But that’s not even the best news. The most incredible part of all of this is the almighty video treatment that they’ve given it. That this video was even conceived on a storyboard is amazing enough – but that it was actually approved, filmed, passed, and unleashed is just bow-down-we-are-not-worthy brilliant.

BASICALLY it features Anna Abreu play the saucy and rebellious girl within a convent. But it goes a little bit beyond the usual cliche of her wearing her habit too short, and lighting up a cigarette as she tiresomely browses the bible. Most fabulously of all, it actually features raving old nuns doing full choreography. Then there’s the full blown lesbianism that takes place between Anna and a fellow nun by candlelight, and under the watchful eye of a portrait of Jesus himself. Christ!

It’s like Sister Act on a shoestring.

Five minutes of ever-so-slightly controversial entertainment in a pop video, and all with an absolutely banging soundtrack. We really do live for this kind of thing!

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