Anna Abreu: ‘Poplaulajan Vapaapäivä’ (Finland’s Så Mycket Bättre)


While we await the new series of Sweden’s Så Mycket Bättre featuring none other than BLOODY AGNES, it’s worth pointing out that Finland’s very own version of the show (which they’ve renamed Vain Elämää) started on Friday night – and features our very own Anna Abreu.

We’re big fans of The Breu round these parts, thanks to four albums of quality pop music, culminating in 2011’s almighty ‘Stereo’. So it goes without saying that she’s the one artist we’ll be keeping a close eye on throughout the series – as chances are, she’s going to be coming out with a few corkers out of the six songs she’ll be churning out.

First of the lot was this week, and an energetic, dance/pop/rock hybrid, cover of Neljän Ruusun’s ‘Poplaulajan Vapaapäivä’. You can watch her performance here.

Unlike Sweden, the Finns don’t seem to be releasing the songs onto iTunes (or at least they haven’t yet) – which seems like a massively missed opportunity. But oh well.


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