Anina: ‘Brain Break’

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Norwegian singer Anine Stang is commencing the next phase of her already quite bejeweled pop career (this spectacular item being our favourite of said jewels thus far). This new phase comes as a fresh start though, so there’s a new sound, a new name (or rather, her going back to her original artist name), and she’s doing it all under her own record label, Electric Stardust. Most relevant of all though, there’s a brand new song to get excited about!

‘Brain Break’ is that very song, and it’s the first taste of Anina’s new musical stylings. We’ve been given a listen and can say that it’s sodding mental. But it’s the kind of sodding mental that lends itself well to also being sodding brilliant – so that’s good. With a chorus that reads “I need a brain break WOW ooh-la-la-la-laaaa“, you probably know what you’re letting yourself in for upon listening. But let us describe it for you anyway. It’s a proud pop song first and foremost, but with vigorous nods towards both electro and rock. Very rock actually. And very electro. But very very pop.

Contains the following;

1. Amazing chorus
2. Amazing middle eight
3. Amazing bridge
4. Amazing outro
5. Actual screams

It’s the kind of thing we would love to hear on a new Girls Aloud album, should one ever transpire.

‘Brain Break’ is released on August 23rd, but Anina has given us a preview of it to stream here until then.

[audio:|titles=Brain Break – preview]

After the release comes a video on August 27th. Noteworthy because it looks like it’s going to be quite the spectacle. The idea is based on the inside of her mind when she’s feeling overworked, and there’s four different characters that she plays of herself. Two of them have been revealed so far on her blog, and the other two will be shown over the next few days. So as well as a sodding mental tune, we’ve got a sodding mental video to look forward to also.


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