And that’s how Therese says it!

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We have no clue what, how, or why Therese is doing to dance music what she is right now, but we do know that we love it. Not content with producing the stark merging of house music and electro music that is ‘Drop It Like It Hot’, she’s gone and experimented even further with the new single’s b-side, ‘Say It’.

It’s all a bit TOO weird during the first chorus, where you begin to wonder what on earth you’re listening to and why you’re bothering. But then there’s a slight break in between the verse and the chorus that teases as to what immenseness lies ahead. And sure enough, the chorus delivers. It’s an arms aloft, eyes closed, ear-to-ear smile, tranceathon that simultaneously takes you back to 2002 and forward to 2012! After that, the second verse seems to make so much more sense than the first, and before you know it, you’re experiencing THAT chorus again.

The middle eight is a full on trance break down, and at the end of it all we were left with the overwhelming urgency to hear exactly what the whole new album will sound like. On the strength of this and ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, it should probably be nothing short of quite brilliant indeed. And on top of that, Alexander Bard told us a few months back that he was doing some writing with her too. Oh. Em. Gee. She’s just signed a major deal with Universal in Sweden, and so we should hopefully be getting a new album from her before the end of the year. She’s been over in Sweden working on it recently, and she’ll be back in Stockholm later this month to launch the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ single, and to perform at the Paradise club on June 18th.

It really does feel like it’s going to a special, if not spectacular record. After Therese has spent years bubbling under on the dance music circuit, learning her craft, perhaps she’s about to blow up big time and show 2010 exactly how it’s going to be done for the next few years.

You can listen to a clip of ‘Say It’ below, plus, finally, the full length ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’

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