Amy Diamond: ‘Your Love’

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After an eternity away from music, Amy Diamond finally returns this week with a new single released on Wednesday, ‘Your Love’. Before that though, she’s giving Scandipop readers a preview of it. A teaser, a taster, a snippet. A glimpse.

Despite the time she’s spent away from pop, she’s thankfully not changed it up too much on ‘Your Love’. It’s obviously a bit more mature than the likes of ‘Thank You’ and ‘It’s My Life’ (and all that came before them). But it’s not too much of a musical maturity so as to make her unrecognisable. No, this is still Amy Diamond. She’s just aged a few years. As has her sound. But within that sound you can tell that she still has the same taste in pop. Good taste.

‘Your Love’ is a straight up, catchy tune that doesn’t need repeat plays in order for you to be able to hum it. But in our case, ‘Your Love’ HAS needed repeat plays. Because it’s silly not to keep playing a great song that you really enjoy. And this one in particular gives a serious case of the happys.

Here’s a 1 minute preview;

[audio:|titles=Your Love preview]

‘Your Love’ was written by Amy Diamond and George Nakas, and is released this Wednesday.



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