Amy Diamond: The Next Generation!

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amy tavlingsbildSo – Amy Diamond has turned 18 and released a Greatest Hits album comprising the best songs from her hit packed, five album career. So we’re guessing that the time has come for her to move on from the kiddy-pop sound that has made her famous, and go on to doing a more mature kind of pop for her next album. We hope so too – we can’t wait to hear Amy fronting a dance anthem from the likes of Pitchline, Jonas Von Der Burg, or Niklas Pettersson.

Although at the same time, we’ll miss that unique brand of playschoolpop that she brought us. ‘Welcome To The City’, ‘Don’t Cry Your Heart Out’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Stay My Baby’, ‘It’s My Life’….the list goes on and on. And we’re not ashamed to admit that we loved every Fisher Price moment! So who’s going to fill those shiny gold shoes now?!

Well the cynic might say that Mr Diamond has already had the foresight to solve all of this, and still make a mint from the genre despite his successful daughter growing out of it. Presenting…….HER YOUNGER SISTERS! In the clip below, Holly and Lisa joined their elder sister Amy as she performed her song ‘Champion’, on Swedish TV on Friday night last week. Introduced to the nation and primed to takeover where Amy left off.

Although OF COURSE we’re only jesting! It’s just a cute performance of Amy, with her younger sisters as backing vocalists. But still, it wouldn’t surprise us if we see at least one of them pushed to the front of the stage in a few years to come!

In other Amy Diamond news, YES we promised an interview with her on twitter last month. And yes we actually carried out that interview too, and had a nice long chat with her. However, earlier this month when attempting to play it back, we discovered that due to a technical fault, the recorder hadn’t picked up her voice clearly enough and we just couldn’t make out what she was saying. We could probably have relied on memory and guessed most of it, but that’s hardly ethical! So we’ve had to scrap the interview unfortunately. But there’ll be one in the future, perhaps the next time she has a single or album out. ‘Apols’.

There was one startling revelation from her in the interview though, that not only surprised us, but also really impressed us too. She revealed that she’s training to become a hairdresser, and will actually start working in a salon in a few months time! She’s not giving up on music, she’ll still continue with that. But despite her young age, she’s mature enough to realise that only the very few lucky ones are able to sustain a good enough living income from being a popstar alone. Especially in a country as small as Sweden. It’s an admirable attitude to have. How many times in the UK do we hear famous people (and not just popstars at that, much lesser famous people too) moan that they can’t possibly then go and do a ‘normal’ job after being famous or semi famous? Equally, how many Brits would then have a ‘’oh look how the mighty have fallen’’ view if they did see a once famous person now working at the checkouts in Tesco? Not in Sweden, evidently. And we love that. Props to you Amy!

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