Allsång På Skansen: the last two weeks’ performances!

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Over the last two weeks at Skansen in Stockholm, Danny Saucedo, Anton Ewald, Emmelie de Forest, and Louise Hoffsten have been singing their Melodifestivalen and Melodi Grand Prix hits. Plus Danny gave the full-on, large stage, choreographed performance of his new single ‘Todo El Mundo’ that we’ve been waiting for. Miriam Bryant’s also been on the bill – singing her amazing ‘Push Play’.

And with these shows there’s always a few bizarre bonuses too. That quota is filled here by Måns Zelmerlöw & Kikki Danielsson in a Swedish language cover of ‘Something Stupid’. And Anton Ewald covering Thomas Ledin’s ‘I Natt Är Jag Din’. Plus, Anton performs an acoustic version of a song from his new ‘A’ EP, ‘Would That Make You Love Me More’. And if you’ve ever wanted to see Danny Saucedo and Måns Zelmerlöw perform a duet together…well, that’s been sorted too. It’s an allsång rather than a popsong, but we’ll take what we can get where these two are concerned…

You can catch up with the first two weeks of Skansen performances here.

Danny Saucedo: ‘Todo El Mundo’

Danny Saucedo: ‘Amazing’

Anton Ewald: ‘Begging’

Anton Ewald: ‘Would That Make You Love Me More’

Anton Ewald: ‘I Natt Är Jag Din’

Emmelie de Forest: ‘Only Teardrops’

Miriam Bryant: ‘Push Play’

Louise Hoffsten: ‘Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream’

Danny Saucedo & Måns Zelmerlöw: ‘Gröna, Granna, Sköna, Sanna, Sommar’

Kikki Danielsson & Måns Zelmerlöw: ‘Vår Kärlek’

Kikki Danielsson: ‘Bra Vibrationer’


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