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MADONNA GET IT TOGETHER LGAs was written about on here last month, Ace of Base have made a long overdue return to the world of music with their new Greatest Hits album and three 2008 remixes of their old hits. Unfortunately, nobody bought them. But that’s ok because we were all far more excited about the album of new materiel which Ulf promised that they would deliver in 2009. Well, as it turns out we were right to get excited – and prepare to get even more excited as they’ve revealed the first name of the new producers they’re working with. Peer Astrom. That name might not be famous but trust us, you’ve heard his songs. And if you like the sort of music that we write about, you’ll love his songs too.


2598404079 5375f0d519 mPeer has written and produced for Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion. But not just any old songs, no. THE best songs of each of those singers careers! For Celine Dion, he worked on her two forays into dance music – ‘I Drove All Night’ and ‘Sorry For Love’. For Cyndi Lauper, he produced ‘Into The Nightlife’ and ‘Echo’ for her amazing new album. And for Madonna, he helped out on modern day dancefloor classic ‘Get Together’. He’s also produced Alesha Dixon’s debut single, ‘Lipstick’. That’s more than enough for us to get excited about. Ace of Base + Peer Astrom SHOULD be amazing. They may have been gone for 6 years but they still know exactly what we want from them!

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